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Enjoy the bliss of yoga @ your home

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Why Private Yoga

Yoga is a practice that includes postural exercises and breathing techniques to promote relaxation, improve strength, among other numerous advantages. Its health benefits may surpass those of any other physical activity. Whether you seek to lose weight, reduce stress, or improve breathing, Yoga may be the prescription you were looking for. A one-to-one private Yoga session will provide you an individually tailored practice geared toward the needs of your specific body. Your personal health concerns are my primary consideration and improving your well-being is my goal.

Private Yoga instruction allows the student a greater understanding of how their body should move. There are endless rewards from a regular Yoga practice that help improve your mind, body and spirit, and this progress can be seen from head to toe.


Difference between Yoga & Physical Exercise

The ancient science of Yoga has a holistic viewpoint of exercise; many differences exist between Yoga and traditional physical exercise. Today, Yoga is influencing all sorts of mainstream sports and exercise: football, dance, aerobics and running. Many have learned the lessons of the long term dangers of over- training, violent weight training and unbalanced exercise and are adapting more and more to the wisdom of Yoga.

My Yoga Practice

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